The Core: Movie Review

Ready for high-energy, heart-pumping drama? The Core , starring Aaron Eckhart as Josh Keyes, spins viewers into a nail-biting, edge-of-the-seat theoretical scheme of unimaginable catastrophic events!

If you're aware of the recent Ring of Fire Tsunami, then this spine-chilling movie will have you questioning whether our electromagnetic field is in working order.

In line with earth changes, The Core is a dynamic theatrical experience that combines heart-pulsing graphics and impromptu version of The Day after Tomorrow meets Bruce Willis' Armageddon.

The Core is a remarkable film that integrates incredible imagery with broad intelligence. Enlightening, The Core will hurl you into the center of the Earth and just when you think everything is in the clear, the thrill-ride is just about to begin!

Written by Cooper Layne & John Rogers, directed by Jon Amiel and brought to you by Paramount Pictures, The Core is a prophetic depiction of modern-day earth changes and humanity's restoration of hope. See a Preview of The Core:

The Core is rated PG-13 and is available on DVD and VHS. An invigorating film, I rate this movie 4 stars.

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The Core: Movie Review
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