Trade DVD - Keep Your DVD Movie Collection Fun And Exciting

You spend good money for a DVD movie, then you watch it a few times, or maybe even a lot. But after a while, you really don't want to see it any more.

A Dusty Old Closet

So you stuff the DVD in a box with a bunch of other DVDs you don't really watch any more and you shove the box full of movies in a closet where they collect dust and are quickly forgotten.

But you're still adding to your movie collection, picking up a great title here and there, ones you really want to see. Only now you also have a box full of DVDs you don't want.

You could try selling those old movies, but that's really more trouble than it's worth. You could also try an online auction, but DVDs don't sell for much... So what can you do?

Here's A Great Idea

Quick, take that box out of the closet right now and dust off those DVDs because this is a great idea.

Now you can trade your old DVD movies for for ones you really want to see. And you can keep trading so your DVD movie collection is always fresh, new and entertaining.

No More Dusty Movies

Now you'll have to find something else to store in that old box in your dusty closet because it won't be used old DVDs any more.

Several companies including Peerflix, Barter Bee and Number Slate now provide a wonderful service that allows you to trade your DVDs with other club members.

With some of these companies it costs nothing to join and there are no membership fees and you can trade as often as you want to.

The DVD you receive in trade is yours to keep, or you can trade again.

There is generally a small trading fee (at Peerflix it 99 cents plus you pay 37 cents in the US for postage... So it only costs you $1.36 for a DVD... Now that's a bargain no matter how you look at it!

A Happy Hollywood Ending

Now your DVD movie collection can be just the way you like it and more fun and exciting than ever.

And every movie in your collection can be one you really want to see.
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