Using streaming media to benefit the music industry

In the past couple of years the internet has opened up a new world of marketing opportunities for both the independent musician and major record labels and their sponsors. Most of the major music festivals and organized band events are sponsored by large corporations who set out to put their brand across to young music fans. Many of them still seem to be missing the link for getting these events shown to a much larger audience by using the services provided by WebVideo4U. There is also the scope for creating more online live and archived events and performances. The current way of online broadcasting of events is for a company to pay for the venues and ticketing, recording and web casting on their own website. This requires a bit too much involvement for most companies who would otherwise love their brands to be seen by a targeted audience.

Those who work in the healthcare industry have irregular work schedule; they often work at nights and they also have long shifts(12 hours or longer). Consequently, traditional classroom style education is not the best option to them, if they want to farther their education. However, they have a very viable option now, online education; online education allows them to study wherever they want and whenever they want, which is a great fit to nurses and doctors.

The current obstacle for the non-broadcasted events is that most bands and musicians do not have the required funds or promotional know how to finance these services. It will be up to companies who are willing to sponsor live shows to invite independent bands to perform. The bands would let there fans know when the event is being broadcast. The advertising content can be included on the set of the gigs making it easy to utilize the bands website as a place for the fans to view the broadcast with minimal coding and web design work. If a company sets up the sponsorship right, they could invite many different bands from all over the world to supply pre-recorded live shows that can be rebroadcast online. Their products and branding would be seen on many different websites by a focused audience without much financial outlay. For this to happen though, requires a third party to connect the bands with the companies. Most bands would jump at the chance of having their music broadcast over the internet even if the opening splash screen was sponsored by a brand of beer they didn't drink.

It's common for bands to have a strong following in their local community or their country of origin which adds even more power to a successful focused advertising campaign. By providing the link between the sponsors and the bands, webvideo4u opens up a whole new area of online marketing and band promotion. The band can keep their fans happy, and hopefully sell some CDs along the way.

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