Management Wants Faster Implementation Of New Organizational Strategy. (Part II.)

This week, I will continue the discussion from last week's PVT, where we discussed four steps to introduce a new strategy.

To review last week, your organization works OK now. But, you've discovered that your whole operation is based on key irreplaceable people, tribal knowledge, and unconfirmed rumors. "Vanishing Technology" has become a terrible threat and stifles further growth.

Now you have a new Strategic Objective ... a BIG IDEA worth working for. This means a bigg'er company, more products, and new markets. So, you design a new organizational strategy based on proven, scientific principles.

But, now you have a new problem. You're worried about how to introduce and implement your new strategy.

You know that your new organizational strategy (reorganization) will produce emotional stress, employee resistance and complaints. Will key people leave?

Should you bring in outsiders to fill new positions?

Can you implement your new organizational strategy quickly, effectively, and with certainty?

Last week, I suggested that you identify those who will be affected (positively and negatively) by your reorganization. These are the people with whom you must meet privately. (Steps 1 & 2.) After that, you can pick your Introduction Date (Step 3) and final Changeover Date (Step 4).

Now what!

What do you say in your meetings? What sort of materials do you need for your big "roll-out?" How do you make your big announcement? Can you make the changeover date?

Now, you must conduct your private meetings, prepare your introductory materials, make your announcement, and finally change over to your new strategy.

Your people will feel threatened by change. So, you will need to meet with all affected personnel privately and confidentially. Have them sign a Contractual Commitment (CC) BEFORE your announcement.

Assure everyone that you will not reduce his or her income or benefits. Explain their expanded career paths and future rewards. Be firm. You must not adjust or reject your organizational strategy for someone's private interests. Your company has an identity and a life of its own.

Once you have signed CCs, you can prepare your introductory materials, which should include your new Org Chart and Reorganization Notice. Make your Announcement and Reorganization Presentation in person and in writing.

Emphasize that your firm's reorganization is scheduled for a certain Changeover Date. Make sure that you allow enough time between the Announcement Date and the Changeover Date so everyone can be adequately prepared.

(Do not allow piecemeal fulfillment and delays to produce confusion, conflicting accountabilities, and the perception that you don't know what you're doing.)

Make sure your reorganization is complete on the official Changeover Date.

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