MORAL ARMOR'S Irrational Parenting, Part V

Copyright 2005 Ronald E Springer

Setting a Bad Example.

Their illogical banter is all driven by neurotic denial—one of the most horrific traits to hand down. When reality is faked, everyone is betrayed. When an issue of life cannot be faced, then one favors death. The veins of thought and offshoots such as relationships must wither, until the virtue of honesty is injected to bring them back. When there is some piece of reality one is not willing to see, all those who are even remotely affected, are harmed. Instead of being the loving spouse, the caring parent and the loyal friend, one becomes the enemy of the good, the stuntor of growth, the polluter of purity and the corrupter of innocence. The worst social consequence of such cowards is the infection of uncertainty they pass on to their children, destroying their pathways to self-esteem as well. Their children come to identify denial as an acceptable pattern, and the quality of their lives goes into a spiral. They deliver children to their own demons, leaving the attainment of their dreams in the same state of empty, wistful longing. If one cares so little about oneself not to clarify knowledge and live at the highest level, then one will not care what happens to others, or more pointedly, will harm them intentionally. They knock them down, slow them down and do everything to stop them with their wishy-washy, semi-coherent, panic-tantrum under the guise of concern for their welfare. Through the anti-concept of repression and sacrifice, this is what some adults have been telling uneasy children, is good. Teach them self-sacrifice and it is their self that will be destroyed.

With moral inversion, cruelty quite simply has become to uphold standards, as kindness has become bending them to suit whatever weakness is displayed by another in the presence of their sobs. The truth is it’s cruel to show the world in your thoughts or actions, a practice which is harmful to the life of a human being. It is cruel to leave those who trust you, unprepared for life. It is cruel to show a child poor eating habits that resulted in obesity or any other form of dependence. It is cruel to impose illogical sanctions on them in the name of discipline; kids know what makes sense. It is cruel to waste time and share the burden of pointless activity with others. It is cruel to show unchecked tantrums—that one can reach adulthood without grace or self-control. It is cruel to show them lies and denial, planting in them the idea that it is acceptable to deceive. It is cruel to not attempt to be all you can be. Future generations may follow your lead, and if you are going nowhere, you will have helped to destroy them.

The example we set for society is defined by what we practice ourselves. “Do what I say, not what I do,” simply translates into children who will say the same to their children. Each one of us contributes to the shape of those around us, and their view of mankind through our interactions with them. We can show them honor, graceful wisdom and other great possibilities that Spirit Murderers often suppress. We can uphold the true moral standards of life as mature adults should, or we can be cruel.

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