Helping your pets cope with the stress caused by loud noise.

Which is the noisiest species of all? Nope, not the lions, or the elephants, or the geeseÖ itís us, humans. Our voices were not enough, we started making music and creating musical instruments to help us being louder.

This Holiday season will not only be noisy, this year weíre starting earlier because this year we have Election Day! Where Iím from, we go to the streets and make loud noises with our car horns after the results are official and we know our party won, maybe youíre so excited because you know your candidate is going to win, that you are already prepared with everything to celebrate your triumph the noisiest way, but have you thought about how that noise affects your pet?

Pets donít understand what is happening, even if you dress them with a patriotic costume. They donít know this are ďhappyĒ noises, they just perceive them as a sign of danger. They get nervous, afraid, and if they feel theyíre exposed they will try as hard as they can to look for a hideout, sometimes this means they run away.

What can you do to minimize the effect of loud noises on your pet?
1. Ask your veterinarian if itís recommended to give your pet a mild sedative, be sure to ask for the correct dose depending on the petís weight. There are natural remedies to cope with stress for pets you should consider those too.
2. Keep your pet in a room in which he/she feels safe. Put there his/her bed, fresh water, food and make sure the room has proper ventilation, but that the pet is not capable to escape.
3. If you have to leave your pet outside, check all fences for loose parts or openings and fix them in order to prevent your pet from escaping through them.
4. Keep your vetís phone number at hand in case of an emergency.
5. Make sure your pet wears his/her collar with ID tag at all times, and that the contact information in the tag is updated.
6. Keep a recent and clear photo of your pet available, in the event of your pet getting lost, you can make flyers and post them everywhere. Remember that a frightened pet can run long distances so he/she may end up far from home and donít know his/her way back. Send the photo to your local paper too, they must have a missing pets section and it can reach more people than the flyers.

Remember this is only the beginning, later comes, Christmas, New Year, 4th of JulyÖ Keep these precautions at hand and your pet will do fine.

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