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There has been a revolutionary change in medicine sales with the launch of online pharmacy, a technique developed by internet to sell prescription drugs online. This has led to a drastic decrement in health care cost and the discount factor is a further boost. Handiness, security and safety comprise to make online pharmacy an asset for the users to purchase without any hassles or embarrassment.

Canadian pharmacy excels in this context because of there exceptionally towering pharmaceutical standard. Americans pay out a huge amount on prescription drugs and since the prices in America is sky-high itís quite difficult for people in US to purchase prescription drugs. Americans are the largest consumers of drug in the world and the voracious demand for prescription drugs in U.S. is fulfilled through Canada. Cheap drugs and easy availability make Canada a user friendly market for drugs.

Features of Canadian pharmacy:

The first and the most vital feature of Canadian pharmaceuticals is the cheap accessibility of drugs. The value of Canadian dollar is cheaper making it easily accessible to high demands made by U.S. customers.

1) Restrictions imposed by the Canadian government on charges approved for brand names.

2) Another important feature of Canadian pharmacy is its simple ordering process.

3) Canadian pharmacies are certified by (CAPA), Canadian international pharmacy association and (NAPRA) making them safe and authentic.

4) They are thoroughly confidential to their patients. They do not provide any personal information.
5) Canadian pharmacy is quite handy and provides easy customer services.

6) Canadian pharmaceuticals give genuine product information of the medicines they sell on their website like composition of the product, effect and side effect, what tit is meant for drug interaction etc.

7) The Canadian pharmacy never dispenses any prohibited or narcotic substance.

Why Canadian pharmacy does surpass the U.S. pharmacy?

There is no linguistic barrier between the U.S. and Canada. Both these states are so close to each other that it is cheap as well as convenient for the U.S. customers to purchase the prescription drugs from Canada. Some vital reasons for Canadaís superiority over U.S. is the cheap value of Canadian dollar, constant regulation of prices and easily available nonspecific

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