Should YOU use an Internet Pharmacy?

Are you like my friend Robert - suddenly uninsured and juggling his need for medication with his need to make his house payment?

Do you have a chronic condition with which you are absolutely familiar, and for which you have previously taken prescription medication issued by your local, walk-in pharmacy? Is this chronic condition coupled with the inability to afford medical insurance? If you are insured, is your co-pay amount too much to bear? If any or all of these apply, checking prices at an internet pharmacy will most likely give you a pleasant surprise.

You can quickly lose the benefit of any medication, even discounted prescription drugs, if you take them without benefit of your doctor's supervision. Are you willing to work with your physician and still take responsibility for your own health and medical budget? If so, it might behoove you to check out online pharmacies.

Naturally, in response to the demand for affordable meds, the number of internet pharmacies has grown very quickly, and more than a few aren't going to be reliable. One must proceed carefully, using certain criteria. For one, if the online pharmacy does not provide a toll-free phone number, AND their physical address, do not use them. A list of other helpful guideline can be found at

A word about "no prescription internet pharmacies." If getting your meds without having a prescription concerns you, then by all means, get your doctor to write you a prescription before you take advantage of the considerable savings to be had using online pharmacies, but choose carefully. Remember, buyer, beware.
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