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Alex is an average guy that has a small business in ‘small town U.S.A.’ . When looking to create his first informational site, a hobby of his was chosen to build the website around.  “Alex, what inspired you to build a site about boats and kayaks?”

Alex:  “Mainly it’s a hobby of mine to take off for a few hours on the weekend and hit the water with my inflatable kayak. I have a Sea Eagle 380x and spend as much time as I can on the water, fishing or just paddling the waters of a small pond that I stumble upon. The great thing about inflatable boats and kayaks is that you can throw them in the car or truck, find an out-of-the-way water spot that you might have to hike a ways to, then simply blow up your boat and go!”  “Sounds fun! I know I have seen these small boats on the water, but how sturdy are they… after all, they remind me of a pool raft.”

Alex:  “It’s funny the look I get when I take a friend out on my kayak. They don’t realize that these are serious boats and are equally as capable of taking the weight and punishment of other small boats of similar size made of aluminum or wood. – Think of the Marines inflatable watercraft – These boats are designed with similar strategies and safety features, just downsized and lightened up a bit for consumers.”  “Where did you find your kayak?”

Alex: “That’s a funny story – I was looking in the sporting goods stores and boat marinas. What I found was either too cheap and flimsy or outrageously priced. – I got discouraged and searched online for a store that might be local to me – What I found was incredible! A couple of quality inflatable boat manufacturers that primarily sell their products from hunting and fishing catalogs by mail order had ventured online and I found the exact type and style I wanted – I even bought it direct through the manufacturer!” “So is that why you started your website?”

Alex: “Yes – Mainly to provide free information to boaters and kayakers that where in the ‘same boat’ (pardon the pun) that I was in – searching for a quality, cost effective boat for water sport recreation.” “Sounds great!” Can we direct the readers to your site if they would like to learn more about how inflatable boats and kayaks might be just what they need for their weekend and camping expeditions?”

Alex: “Sure – I have several informational pages on inflatable boats, kayaks, small fishing boats, accessories and trolling motors on the site currently. I am planning on adding more information this month.”

Learn more about how Inflatable Boats and Kayaks make for some great fun!

After our interview, we took a peek at Alex’s site. Inflatable boats and is very user friendly. The site also provides several links to the manufacturer websites as well as quality information about the products.

Alex made mention to us that the site started mainly as a hobby, but he quickly realized the benefit he was providing to web surfers after receiving several emails with comments and thanks for the information he had provided.

Alex James created and maintains the site as an informational site for web surfers interested in finding the best inflatable boats and kayaks online.

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