Getting Started with Go Carting

Modern American children have long favored the thrill of
recreationally riding go carts as a pastime. The reason for the long running
popularity can largely be attributed to adults acceptance of go carting for
kids because they witnessed the safety of it, as long as proper
precautions are taken. Children as young as six-years-old are able to drive
certain go carts safely when the recommendations provided by go cart
manufacturers are followed. Helmets and goggles are a must for kids or
anyone, even professional racers.

If you are looking to quench your childís desire for a set of go cart
wheels, you should first know what type and engine size is suitable for
young kids. Go carts designed for children have special features to
better accommodate them, providing more safety in addition to a smaller
engine size. These models of go carts are typically recommended for use
of children ages six through eleven.

Kids under eleven should not ride a go cart unless it is those that
are specifically marked for their age range. These junior series of go
carts are the perfect beginner wheels for anyone, however they are sized
small for kids, and those of you much older than the recommended age
will have a problem with that.

These carts are useful for beginners because they offer extra safety
measures, such as padded brush bars, and smaller engine horsepower. A
small engine helps a new go cart driver keep control, whereas larger
horsepower could get out of control in the hands of a child or amateur.
The go carts designed for kid use usually do, and should if they donít,
have horsepower at or below four.

For any go cart driver, young or old, their position in the seat is an
important factor for good and safe driving. You should always be
comfortable in the driving seat with enough, but no too much, moving room
between your feet and the pedals. Child go carts are designed to
position them in the safest, most comfortable position where they can reach
the pedals, steering wheel and any other necessary functions. Adjustable
seats are a revolution that has helped solve much of this problem.
Nearly any go cart style or design will have adjustable seating, so all
you have to do is find the right position.

Although kids are a large part of the beginner audience of go cart
drivers, they are not alone. Many people become interested in cruising
around in go carts later in life. Most go carts for grown children and
adults will not have engines smaller than four horsepower, but adult
beginners do not usually need that safety precaution for too long. A small
engine is only helpful to adults for short term because it becomes too

Adults beginning go cart driving can be safe with a typical engine,
five to six horsepower, as long as they proceed with caution. Some kid go
cart models have a lap seat belt, but adults of all experience levels
should wear shoulder sling safety belts. Some go carts even have the
race car driver double shoulder seat belts which are even better.

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