Where to race your pocket bike

While many Pocket bike owners race their pocket bikes at competitions and go-kart tracks, others simply enjoy zipping around on their pocket bikes for recreational purposes in open local areas. There are many options for legally racing your pocket bike with friends and in organized competitions. A racing sanctioning body has been established to promote racing in North America called NAPRA, the North American Pocket Bike Racing Association. Go-kart tracks offer a road racecourse that is perfectly scaled to Pocket Bikes You can give your local go-kart track a call or get in touch with NAPRA itself to see if any tracks or leagues are offering racing in your area. Major kart tracks across the country have adopted pocket bike racing, and there are sure to be more as the national interest in pocket grows with every passing day. Outside of pocket bike competitions, you can ride your pocket bike on private property in enclosed courses. Here are some guidelines for recreational pocket bike riding: find a clear, open area that allows for high speeds, be sure there are no major obstacles or obstructions that could cause harm or injury, ride on a relatively smooth surface to maximize control, and steer clear of public roads and pedestrian-heavy areas

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