A Storm is Coming

Storms are Coming

Terry Dashner

We’ve been studying Ezekiel’s prophecy chapters 38 and 39. This study has enriched our lives and expanded our knowledge as to the imminent return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Before I go any further let me say this. Please be advised. Get your house in order for the soon coming of Jesus. He is ready to come, even now at the door.

I thought I would highlight some of the points made this past Wednesday evening in Bible study. For one, it seems the question has been raised what force could possibly bind together all these northern alliances that Ezekiel speaks about, coming against Israel in the last days? Wednesday we delved into the study of Gog, Magog, Tubal, Ethiopia, and etc. to discover where they are and what nations they comprise today. Please keep in mind that these nations were merely tribes when Ezekiel prophesied about them. (How do prophets know these things?)

We discovered from our study that the one binding force galvanizing these various nations against Israel is Islam. I know that for political correctness’ sake some would like for me to forget history and preach that Islam is a peaceful religion. However, its history and current day operations speak otherwise. For example, recently a young American citizen was arrested and turned over to American authorities for allegedly plotting an assassination attempt against President Bush. As it turns out, according to Fox News, the suspect was heavily influenced—maybe even trained in one of Saudi Arabia’s hate academies. The academies spew hatred and contempt towards Israel and Christians. These academies are Muslim indoctrinated academies. This is a sad state of affairs. But, could it be Bible prophecy coming alive before our very eyes?

Another point I wish to make is found in this week’s Time magazine (February 14, 2005). The cover story is entitled, “The Merchant of Menace.” A.Q. Khan of Pakistan, currently under house arrest, has been actively soliciting buyers of nuclear technology for weapons to use against the west, namely America and Israel. (Imagine that.) And which nations was he selling to? You guessed it. Nations with Islamic regimes. He believes that all Muslim countries should have nuclear weapons to counter the power of the west, particularly the United States. The recent analysis of his black market is staggering and prompted the writing of the magazine article.

And, then again, a final note. Recently a Russian scientist came forward and declared the Asian SAARS virus to be laboratory manufactured virus, developed by the Chinese for biological weapons’ use. This is wicked. The support for his claim is that the virus of SAARS is a “hybrid” virus, a genetic cross between human and animal origins. By the way, hybrid viruses can only be manufactured in scientific laboratories. They are not naturally occurring viruses.

Truly, this is a time to look up. Could Jesus be coming soon? God is putting all things together regarding the “Time of the Gentiles.” World gentile powers that God has raised up and torn down since the time of the ancient Assyrians is coming to a close for His purposes. When the true Church of Jesus Christ is snatched away with the sounding of the last trumpet, then His purpose will revisit the Covenant Nation—Israel. He will serve Israel with perfect justice which He has promised her since the beginning of time. His justice will culminate in the 1000 year reign and the coming Great White Throne Judgment. Remember, God does all things well!

Keep the faith. Stay the course. Jesus is coming soon.

Pastor Terry Dashner.

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Terry Dashner