The Origin of Religions

The Troodos Mountains in Cyprus once had the name Mt. Olympus in reference to them. This caused me to wonder about how the only source of copper in pre-smelting ages might have been protected. Yes, gods create all manner of fears and stupid responses as any observer of the Holy Land should know. Unfortunately most people follow some amount of the propaganda in these religions and myths to this present day. That does not mean that you cannot find great insight and science in books like the Bible.

When float copper with adequate purity to hammer into a tool (I believe this is why the Romans called the Kelts by the term ‘celt’ as they began turning the Irish and other Kelts into ‘hammered tools’.) was only available to the people of the Mediterranean on this one island in pre-glacial times or before the Ice Age before the last one, there was a great secret. This secret had a value of immense proportions in the era before the white man came to bless this earth with all the wars and intrigues. It enabled better hunters and farmers and greater abilities in many areas of the arts including the fashioning of other rocks.

Clearly the protection that myths of gods on this island which the Phoenicians made into the Greek Pantheon much later, had an important purpose. But Cyprus had a limited supply of float ore and even when deep mining began with improved engineering around 50,000 years ago. Man was not some stupid barbarian as some would have us believe today. Man was very much more able to attune to minerals and plants. This is why the Neanderthals had refined drugs we can date to 90,000 years ago and which began far earlier than that. By shamanic attunement to the intelligence in the plant an adept will be able to make drugs that modern chemists still have to rip off or they would take centuries of trial and error to equal. Shaman Corporation in San Francisco is the only drug manufacturer that pays the shamans a portion of the profits today.

Beyond mere local attunement is the art of divination or dowsing a map or by means of astrolabes such as include zoomorphic designs which have been found in the archaeological record. They were able to travel the whole world and they found the far greater copper (and other even purer ores) around present day Lake Superior. I have one book dedicated to this fact and later in this book I will present artifacts recently brought to me by a person with a metal detector who found evidences of what I wrote about in that book.

This book addresses the uses and abuses of the Occult or hidden knowledge of the ancients as the title does indicate. You can decide if it was useful to create these gods or other myths at the time some traders of that era sought to maintain their secret. You can decide if you should follow the myths or these pantheons today. Christianity has a larger pantheon of gods, angels, saints or other myths and mere representative deities today. People go to war to protect their gods or the leaders who foist these beliefs and social systems upon the world to this day.

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