Women's Place in Islam

Before the emergence of Islam, the state of women was destroyed and shameful.They were treated as chattel in early Roman society. In France, they were termed as half - soul creatures responsible for destruction of society. Chinese considered them as devl's soul. Japanese preferred to lead Braham-charia life (unmarried life). So, in this way, they deprived women of its due place. While, Arabs buried their daughters alive considering them as a sign of disgrace. It's now crystal clear that before arrival of prophet (S.A.W), how much, she was respected.
Allah felt mercy on mankind and sent this last messenger, the holy prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W), who made it clear that:
A woman is a symbol of honor and respect if she's your daughter or sister. She is your life partner as wife and if you are good to your family, then you are better among people. In case of mother, "Heaven lies under the feet of mother. further, if a Muslim has two daughters, and he properly brought them up, Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W) in Heaven. Briefly, in this way, Islam secures women's respect and honor.
Islam, as a complete code of life and religion of nature, distributes responsibilities among men and women in finest way. All Humans are equal in the eyes of Allah, only the goodness of a person makes him superior to one another. And goodness is to obey in Islamic society, women have no place. In fact, it is propaganda and correct position is converse.
due to so _ called freedom, humanity is suffering from AIDS, Depression, suicide, destruction in family system, lack of inner peace, divorce etc.
This man _ made laws had deprived women of its honor or status. Parents are thought as burden and here deprived mother of her due place. It present women(mothers, daughters, sisters, wives) on sale. Either in the form of prostitution, or in the form of advertisement where women is presented as a tool to attract customers.
This reflect in a non _ Islamic or partially _ Islamic societies, how much they are respected.
At present, by a survey report, for every 21 minute, one women is molested. and for every 51 minute, one women is sexually harassed. Why ? I ask you why ? Surveys can do nothing except make you think. I can tell you! Humans have strayed from Islam, which is the only solution (panacea) to all problems.
Moreover, for the ease of women, earning by her is not obligatory in Islam. Instead, father, brother, husband or children are responsible to care her, as she is performing her role of daughter, sister, wife or mother respectively. so, in this way, she can lead a life easily and happily as being the queen of her family!
For Muslim women, I would like to mention that Ayahs 30 ---> 31 (Surah Noor) 33 --->34, 59 (Surah Ahzab) are about pardah, which Islam teaches for the welfare of women and society as whole

About the Author

The author Shahrukh Rao is BS(SE) student in University of Karachi

Shahrukh Rao