How to get a free ringtone for your Mobile

Jamster!, has started a
Promotional offer for the
US Market, offering a variety of Ringtones and Cell Phone Games.

Registered Users get one free ringtone, to be chosen among a wide
selection of Ringtones for the most popular cell phones available on the

The Company satisfy the demand for high-end Multimedia content for modern mobile phones, including the latest technology as Polyphonic
Tones and animated screensavers.

The product offer of Jamster! covers:

o Polphonic Tones
o Real Tones
o Fun Sounds
o Color Wallpapers
o Animated Screensavers for Mobilephones
o Mobile Games
o Mobile Software

More details can be found in:

As the Cell phone Industry is evolving
continuosly towards high-technology graphic
and multimedia support, the demand to
appropiate content able to leverage the full
potential of the available hardware is
showing an increasing trend.

Jamster! has wide experience in this field, as the company is serving multiple markets of
the world, as Uk, Irland, Australia, Germany and Italy among others.

More Information about Jamster can be obtained under:

Jamster International Sŕrl
Bd de Pérolles 55
1700 Fribourg
c/o M. Patrick Vez, Fiduconsult SA

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