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Vibrafoon turns mobile phone into personal massaging device

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, April 2005 - Vibrafoon launches the Vibrafonic, an application that turns a mobile phone into a subtle personal massaging device. According to Harry Lips, marketing manager at Vibrafoon, the Vibrafonic is exactly what people have been talking about for years, but no-one actually tried to commercially market. Everyone knows the joke about using a phone as a massaging device through its vibration mode.

"Pretty much all websites that sell mobile content offer the same ringtones and wallpapers. We offer something new, something original", says Harry Lips.

The Vibrafonics are downloadable at They are available in three different categories: Fun, Flirty and Erotic. A few examples are 'Pounding Hearts', 'Kissing Lips', and the more naughty 'Red Devil'. After ordering, the customer receives an SMS message with the selected Vibrafonic. When the Vibrafonic is started the phone vibrates gently while showing the animation or movieclip.

It is also possible to send a Vibrafonic to a friend. After payment, the Vibrafonic will be sent to the recipients mobile number.

For payment and distribution, Vibrafoon closed a deal with Sharewire B.V., that provides a global payment and distribution platform for mobile content. Through Sharewire, Vibrafoon can offer several different payment methods, like premium SMS, IVR and credit card. "New and exciting concepts like Vibrafoon, prove that Mobile Entertainment is becoming more surprising and original. We are proud to handle payment and distribution logistics for Vibrafoon", says Ivo Wentholt, CEO of Sharewire B.V.

The Vibrafoon website can be found at

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About Vibrafoon:
Vibrafoon, located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is a cooperation between designer The1stFloor and developer Bor3d.