Five Ways to Break In Party Shoes

1. Wear them around the house for at least 2 days, with a pair of thick white cotton athletic socks, using either sandpaper or a sidewalk to slightly scuff the bottom.

2. If they're leather, waterproof the outside of the shoes, then soak the entire pair underwater for about 2 minutes. Wearing a pair of thick white socks, walk around your house until dry. The shoe will mold to your foot. Caution: Don’t try this with an expensive pair, or light-colored shoes.

3. Purchase a pair of Dr. Scholl’s Heel liners, available at you local drugstore, and place them on the inside heel of the shoe. The liners help not only to break in the shoe, but also to keep your heels from slipping and rubbing.

4. If the shoe is particularly tight or stiff, grab it by the heel and gently knead it back and forth to loosen the sole, being very careful not to break the sole.

5. If all else fails, purchase a shoe stretcher, a device similar to a shoe tree that helps stretch tight shoes. This device can be purchased from your local shoe repair shop or shoe store.

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