How Your Wedding Shoes Can Make Or Break The Most Important Day Of Your Life

Have you thought about your wedding shoes yet? This article gives you the reasons why you should think about them before anything else.

You look breathtakingly beautiful, your hair looks perfect, your dress is just divine, your face is as pretty as a picture and oh my goodness your feet are killing you.

Wedding shoes can make or break probably one of the most important days of your life.

Itís a fact that if your feet hurt you will be miserable. You can of course take your shoes off but who wants to do that, especially when you went to so much trouble making sure everything looked perfect.

You want to look amazing and your shoes need to take you through to the end of the day without giving you even a hint of discomfort.

I have always wondered why Reebok or Nike never designed a wedding tennis shoe. I know at least three people who changed into their Reeboks for their wedding reception because their feet could stand no more of the pain from their wedding shoes.

Its wise to think about your wedding shoes before you consider your dress. If your shoes are going to be on show or you have a knee length or shorter dress heels are a definite must because they lengthen and slim the overall appearance of your legs.

If you are not used to wearing high heels opt for a lower heel but try to aim for at least 2 inches, 3 being optimum.

If you have a long or trailing wedding dress you could choose a flat or low heel wedding shoe.

Make sure you get the size right. Donít go for something that just fits, get the perfect fit and if you are choosing shoes with straps or ties, make sure they can be loosened or fit with a little space between the strap and your skin. Even if the weather is not particularly warm, your feet will swell just from standing on them so much.

By giving your shoes lots of consideration before making the final decision, you can be sure aching and sore feet wonít spoil your big day.

Once you decide the heel height you need to go for, choosing the style and design becomes the fun part.

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