The stumped surgeon said 'Where'd the tumor go!'

First, I must tell you this story has a double whammy to it. As you might already know, I work in a health food store. So I am frequently hearing some amazing stories.

Last week was no exception. A customer was checking out when she told me about her fatherís skin cancer on his face. He had an appointment to have it removed, which told me it must have been a fairly significant tumor.

Well, his daughter convinced him to put Tea Tree Oil on it a couple of times a day. He followed through. And guess what! By the time, he went in for the surgery, the surgeon told him it was gone!

It was the first time Iíd heard of Tea Tree Oil being effective for skin cancer. But I was doubly happy to hear it. Hereís why.

I had been applying Tea Tree Oil to a suspicious triangular discoloration on my own right cheek. The discoloration had previously grown in size and was somewhat painful to touch.

So about a week before, I too had been putting Tea Tree Oil on it. Sure enough the discoloration has shrunk and it no longer hurts to touch it! It is almost invisible now.

Of course, I donít know whether my lesion is skin cancer or not. (I didnít have it checked out by a doctor because far too many times Iíve seen people sprout new skin cancers right after having their first one removed. I think there is a connection between surgically removing tumors and activating new ones, which is confirmed by Dr. Judah Folkmanís research.++[See below]) But whatever my skin lesion is, it is going away!

I must say, it sure was great to have a customer relate her story in such a timely fashion. Sooner or later, most people probably experience a skin cancer. I hope this information proves helpful to you or someone you know.

Together, we can help to solve the nationís health care crisis - one person at a time.

++Dr. Folkman, the inventor of Angiostatin, discovered that primary tumors have a mechanism that, in effect, often turns off secondary tumors. When the primary tumor is removed, the damper effect of the primary tumor is also removed, thereby turning on the secondary tumors.

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