Soap-Pops for Kids of All Ages!

The following recipe is the perfect project to make for kids of any age. Not only is it simple to make, itís an educational lesson in weights and measures. Best of all, itís quick, no dangerous chemicals are used, and not a lot of equipment is needed.

What is a Soap-Pop? A bar of soap on a stick that looks and smells like a popsicle. Unfortunately, it doesnít taste like one!

6 Ė 8 ounces of glycerin melt and pour soap. Translucent or opaque.
6-pack of popsicle molds
Soap color[s]
1/4 teaspoon essential and/or fragrance oils

To determine what size popsicle molds you have, fill one of them almost to the top with water. Empty the water into a measuring cup and that will give you an accurate measurement. The molds used in this recipe held 1 ounce, therefore 6 ounces of soap was needed. You can add a 1/2 ounce more of soap to be on the safe side.

Cut the soap into cubes.

Add the soap to the double boiler OR microwave. Include a small piece of the color nugget, approximately ľ of the cube. Too much color will cause the soap to Ďbleed.í Always start by adding less, then increasing if necessary.

When the soap and color have been blended, itís time to add the essential or fragrance oil.

Have the popsicle molds at the ready, the lids removed, and keep them in the 6-pack stand they came in. If your double boiler or microwaveable container has no spout, itís a good idea to pour the soap into a container with a spout so that it goes into the molds with no mess. Remember to pour the soap almost to the top of the mold.

Add the lids carefully, making sure they snap on all the way. Put into the freezer for about an hour.

When you take out the Soap-Pops, check to make certain they are done. When you push from the bottom of the mold you should see or feel the soap loosen. Allow to return to room temperature.

Label, making sure you indicate that IT IS NOT EDIBLE!

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