SumoSalad: The Facts & Nothing but the Facts

SumoSalad is a fun and cheeky salad store that offers healthy fast food designed for people on the go. SumoSalad is a national brand with stores operating in NSW and Victoria with a national roll out planned in 2005.

The concept at SumoSalad is simple: ‘Have a salad for lunch instead of having a salad with lunch!’ So you can ‘Eat Large and Stay Thin’. This ingenious concept store is changing the face of fast food in Australia and revolutionising the status of the humble salad in our diet.

Entrepreneurial friends, Luke Baylis and James Miller co-founded SumoSalad in 2002 after becoming sick and tired of fatty fast foods that didn’t match their active lifestyles. They opened their first Sumo store on Sydney’s Liverpool St drawing crowds from across the city encouraging them to develop the idea into a franchised brand.

The idea was to create a store that offers healthy fast food that is tasty, fresh and value for money as well as appealing to a young health-conscious market. And that’s exactly what they’ve done!

In consultation with nutritionists, Luke and James developed a menu of classic salad selections including Low GI, Asian Thai Beef, Vegetarian, Vegan, Low Fat, High Protein as well as an interactive ‘Design-Your-Own’ option. Atkins, South Beach, Low GI, Gym Junkie… name it and Sumo can make it. With “Design-Your-Own” salads, it is easy to stick to the rules.

SumoSalad also offers a Design-Your-Own all-day breakfast menu including mixed fruit, low fat yoghurt, granola and muesli mixes as well as Low Carb or Low GI Muffins. Sumo also has an extensive choice of take-home dressings from the ‘Cross Dress at Home’ range and fresh or pre-prepared juices.

The SumoSalad phenomenon continues to grow with dozens planned to open nationally by the end of 2005. SumoSalad also offers franchising opportunities.

SUMOSALAD General Contact: or call 02 9264 1455

About the author:

Alexis Wilson is a media consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

Alexis Wilson