Surf Divas The Girls Curl the Surf in California

Surf Divas The Girls Curl the Surf in California

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If everybody had an ocean across the USA/
Then everybody'd be surfin' like California/
All over La Jolla at Wiamea Bay/
Everybody's gone surfin- Surfin' USA/

I pushed hard on the large button of my ghetto blaster as it clunked the cassette tape on to my beach motif bed comforter. It was the year 1983 and I was decked out in the hand-sewn, self-designed shirt and jams imprinted with palm trees and surfboards. Funny, now that I think about it but I had used the same fabric for the bedding and my clothes. So it was hard to know where I began and where the bed ended. Wow! Was I tacky or what? Talented but tacky!

Being a natural born artist and dreamer, my creations expressed my deep longing to live anywhere, just anywhere in the world but Small Town, USA. Landlocked forever with not a wave of water in sight. As far from the ocean as you could possibly get in a small, no, minute; scratch that, molecular town with a population of 800 and decreasing. Known for its chicken farms, chicken processing plants, and the prized dog food plant.

No, I'm not knocking my hometown; it's just that I had bigger aspirations. Reading books and writing in journals took me to faraway places with so many adventures but reality kept me landlocked. I wasn't happy with just the idea of graduating from high school, marrying a local boy, and raising children and chickens. I wanted so much more out of life.

Growing up in a small town and on a farm taught me many valuable skills and provided wonderful childhood memories and I wouldn't trade these for the world. But as the Beach Boys crooned out to Bar-bar-bar-bar-bar-Barbara Ann, I gazed up at the fake palm trees hanging overhead and dreamed once again of being a surfer girl in the California sun.

Now twenty-one years later, I'm totally stoked about heading out to southern California to catch a wave and soon I'll be sittin' on top of the world, as the lyrics of another song go!

"Dude, the water's soooo totally hot today!" Some bushy, bushy blonde hairdo-ed surfer tells me as if I were a local or something. It's 6:30 in the morning and he's already finished surfing. What? Do people just get up and hit the waves before they go to work? Do they even go to work?

The morning is bitterly chilly and everyone is huddled in warm-ups over swimsuits, sipping hot coffee from the local's favorite before hitting-the-water hangout. I wrap my hands completely around my cup of Mexican Baja Java or something of that sort to keep my fingers warm.

The sun makes its break from the clouds and it's hotter than blazes! San Diego likes to tease. Each morning it looks like there will be a downpour like you've never seen and that the whole day will be ruined. But as usual, the sun makes its debut and viola! instant year 'round paradise! However, a word of warning for you. Once again, San Diego likes to tease its visitors. Don't let the hot sun fool you for it doesn't warm the Pacific Ocean. Trust me, I found out the hard way! On a previous trip, after traveling for hours to get to the coastline, I mad-dashed it and plunged in headfirst only to face the cruel reality that the water temperature was only in the '60s and not the '80s of the Atlantic and Caribbean that I'm used to.

Our driver Don from Beach Limo pulls up in his shiny-as-glass car right on time. They say not to judge a book by its cover and this is definitely true with Don. He looks like one of the lead characters in the movie, "The Godfather", but is as gentle as a teddy bear with a great sense of humor. My daughter Candy plays with the car's controls as Don patiently drives us to the shores of La Jolla.

Surf Diva is located a short walk from the beach. We hear the commotion of construction workers as they race to beat the deadline of Surf Diva's new expansion to the 2,000 square foot location just below their current boutique.

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