Underpowered situation kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is an exciting and fun sport. However, it is a very dangerous sport and sometimes you may find yourself in various dangerous situations. One of these situations is underpowered situation kitesurfing. However, if you follow the right techniques and steps, you can get out of these situations without trouble and continue enjoying your kitesurfing experience. This article deals with underpowered situation kitesurfing and techniques associated with it.

Underpowered situation kitesurfing is a situation when you are several miles away from the shore and above water and suddenly the wind drops. Since the wind drops, your kite basically losses its speed and power and you no longer can stay in the air. This situation, underpowered situation kitesurfing, can happen any time and completely depends on the weather conditions. There are several steps and techniques, which you should follow during the underpowered situation kitesurfing. These techniques will help you to get safely to the shore.

First of all, try to get as much power from your kite as you can during the underpowered situation kitesurfing. This can be accomplished by using only the fixed loop instead of the chicken loop. Also you should remember that the only way you would be able to kitesurf during the underpowered situation kitesurfing is by going downwind. Going upwind will not be possible and will not help you in any way. Your position on the kite board is also very important during underpowered situation kitesurfing. You should try to bend your knees and shift your body near the midpoint of your kite board.

There are several other techniques for the underpowered situation kitesurfing. You should try to move the kite constantly to produce power and speed. For example, you can use the figure 8 pattern and the sine wave pattern during underpowered situation kitesurfing. Also, try to use longer lines if you know that there is a possibility of underpowered situation kitesurfing because of the weather at your kitesurfing location. If nothing helps, you can use your kite and both of your hands to swim to the shore. Just remember to wind the lines in before you start swimming.

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