Living and investing in New Zealand: An easy process

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Living and investing in New Zealand is becoming more and more popular as people are discovering the small but friendly country. They love the varied scenery, mild climate, and many activities. Living in New Zealand appeals to those who like a quiet life and love the outdoors.

New Zealand Facts

Many people from other areas are trying out living in New Zealand or investing there. US citizens are immigrating thanks to a new interest in IT. Farming is still thriving too. New Zealand is an especially beautiful country. The weather changes drastically during the course of a day. Overall climate is mild winters (wet) and warm summers (dry). It's in the Southern Hemisphere. The native people are the Maori. The British made it a colony in the 1800s. People from Europe, Pacific Islands, and Asia also live there. English is spoken as the native language. It?s hard to find anyone who doesn't enjoy living in New Zealand. It?s one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Vast Differences

Even though New Zealand is small, youíll have it all. Sandy beaches, blue green waters, lush tropical forests, towering alpine peaks, and bright green pastures. If you love to play outdoors, living in New Zealand is for you. Youíll spend your time hiking, biking, and playing water sports. In just one day you can fly over a glacier, white-water raft, visit a volcano or crater lake, go bird or whale watching and dine in a first class restaurant. Where itís high youíll need a jacket and where itís low youíll wear a swimsuit. The range of scenery is unique in the world.


New Zealand is noted for the friendly people. Known as ĎKiwisí, everyone is laid-back and welcoming. If you like to stay indoors and wear a tie, New Zealand isnít for you. Itís so safe you can hitch a ride without being afraid. Or you can pick up a hitcher and be safe. View some pictures of the stunning scenery. If you move there, youíre sure to feel welcome.


New Zealand is long and thin in shape. If you try living in New Zealand your main choices will be the North Island area or the South Island area. The north features volcanoes and miles of green pastures. Itís the most populated area. In the south youíll find the sharp, rocky Alps. Landscape varies from surf and sand to blue glacier lakes with many national parks.

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