One Simple Method I Use To Skyrocket My Affiliate Revenue

One Simple Method I Use To Skyrocket My Affiliate Revenue

(Or How I Get Up To 1 In Every 3 People Who See My Affiliate
Links To Click Them)

By Richard Adams

(c) 2004. All rights reserved.

What's the easiest and quickest way to increase your
affiliate earnings - without increasing your traffic?

Increase the *percentage* of your traffic that is actually
clicking your links and visiting the affiliate programs
you're promoting. And make sure as many as possible end up

But how?

The answer is targetting.

Infact, let me rephrase that - I call it "ultra-targetting".

In this article I'm going to show you how I use it to
achieve huge clickthrough rates. 10-15% is easy, and I
regularly achieve up to 33% - on a regular basis. That is,
for every 3 people that see my affiliate links, 1 of them
clicks one.

And that's amazing.

It's so simple, it would be too easy to overlook this
method, but when you compare the 0.5% clickthrough rate that
others are getting by using banners, and my 33% result, who
do you think is making more money from affiliate programs?!

Tell me - have you ever seen one of those story books where
you choose what happens?

The story starts, then you get two options of what happens
next. And based on what you decide you turn to a different
part of the book.

Then you read that and you get two more options and so on.

One book, but dozens of choices and different options taking
you off in all sorts of different directions - and also
leading to a different end.

That's exactly what your affiliate website should be.

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that you have an
affiliate site on the highly profitable subject of

Imagine the number of different people who could visit your

Students, parents, business owners, companies, doctors and

They might be looking for a cheap computer. A powerful
computer. A fast computer.

A computer with a flat screen. With a dvd drive. Or a

Wanting to use it for games. Work. Emailing. The Internet.
Desktop publishing.

Now what if you put one identical text link on every page of
your site? Something like:

"For the best deals I've found in computers, click here"

What would happen is two things:

Firstly, fewer people than can be achieved would click the
link because is doesn't specifically target their needs very

After all, for someone searching for a computer to play
games on, a better link would be:

"For the best games computer I've found, click here"

Secondly, of those people that *do* click through, very few
will actually find what they want because you're not
specifically sending them to the exact product that matches
their needs.

Now, text links just like the example above, inserted at
both the top and bottom of every page, will garner much
higher clickthrough rates than any banner ad, but if we
ultra-target, we can boost our results much, much more.

Provide lots of options to your visitors, in the form of
links to other pages. Pages that pander to all sorts of
different scenarios:

- Are you looking for the cheapest computer?
- Are you searching for the latest model of computer?
- Do you want to do desktop publishing with your computer?
- Are you new to computers and looking for an easy option?

And so on.

If necessary, break it down even further.

Get your visitors to choose their country. Then what style
they're looking for. Or the price they're willing to pay.

So long as your visitors feel they're getting close to a
solution to their problem, you should be able to take them
through 3 or 4 pages without annoying them.

Then, on each of these "subpages" that you've created, find
a suitable solution for your patient visitor.

Provide the link they've come looking for.

No, don't just "provide" it, "prove" it. Discuss it. Argue
it. Compare it with others. Describe your experience of
shopping there. Ask others for their opinions.

Make it not only a highly targetted option, but also one you
turn into such a perfect-sounding solution, they just
*have* to click it.

They'll be so targetted that your clickthrough rates will

And as you've carefully matched the affiliate program with
your lead, your sales will also increase considerably.

You win both ways.

One further way you'll benefit is that these sub-pages are
exactly the sort of highly targetted pages that the search
engines love - bringing in even more traffic (and sales).

And the fact you're creating keyword rich links pointing to
these sub-pages will help them (and your main homepage) rank
even higher.

Did you notice how many times I naturally managed to include
the word "computer" in the links above?

Search engines - and Google in particular - *love* this.

Lastly, if you want to see two examples of sites that ultra-
target, check out the following two links:


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