Benefits Of Proper Educational Toyus For Your Kids

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Today toys do everything from talk, sing, move, light up, dance etc. Then we have television programs, cartoons and shows which can distract your children for hours at a time. What about video games? Video games geared to children or young kids maybe fine for short periods of time, but they can be a big waste of time when it comes to your children expanding their minds and learning to develop their creativity.

Think about it...within the last couple of years video games have really taken off and cater to the majority of younger kids and children. This is a huge change from 5-10 years ago. Ten years ago, the video game industry was not the 'GIANT' that it is now. More kids were outside playing hide and go seek, playing sports, running around, skipping with friends, playing in the backyard etc. Now...we have an extreme rise in childhood obesity, lethargic un ambitious children with less energy, no drive, and very little imagination.

AHhhhhhhhh... IMAGINATION! Isn't that what childhood is about? Imaginary friends, drawing, coloring, playing hide and seek, playing with dolls, playing with blocks etc. So these all seem like simple things, and you are right! These are all the simple things that help or helped children over the years use their imagination and creativity to keep themselves amused.

I mean where would Walt Disney be today without IMAGINATION?? So as parents and care givers today I believe it is important to let your kids experience some of todays entertainment, yet limit it greatly and help them to find useful, simple Fun methods of expanding their minds and developing their imaginations.

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