How to Organize Christmas Toy Shopping

It's so easy to go overboard when shopping for kids this time of year. We want them to enjoy all the things we
didn't have growing up. It's important to set limits though.

1. List all the children you'll buy for this Christmas. Don't forget an extra toy for your local shelter.

2. Set a firm budget for each child.

3. Note individual interests, hobbies and collections.

4. Ask them what they want for Christmas. You may think Will needs more Legos, but all he really wants is
a caboose for his train set.

5. Look through mail order catalogs and internet toy sites for ideas and note them on your list. Place an
order if you find the perfect toy.

6. Look through your local phone directory for a list of toy stores in your area. There might be some you
aren't aware of.

7. Go shopping with list in hand. As you make purchases mark them off your list. Keep track of how much is left
in each child's budget. If you are tempted to go beyond the budget simply write down the item as a future birthday
gift idea.

8. Buy paper, bows and tags if you don't already have them. Spend an evening or two wrapping gifts. You did it!

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