Teddy Bears Aren't All Cute Cuddly Toys

a new concept-bears aren't all cuddly!!

 The new site everyone is talking about,
and featuring the now massive cult status
"Stiffsteiff Teddy Bear" family. Watch their
decidedly dubious dealings, their awesome
and amazing antics, their pathetic pathos!
These bears will transform your life,
and also contain alternative pursuits
in their missions, which are worth
following, and more pleasurable, less
obese than being glued to the TV
for hours on end.
The Stiffsteiff bears will allow you to
LAUGH, and have FUN, without
resorting to crudity, smut, or porn.
This is somewhere your kids can actually
go without you wondering about the
content, and they will learn new things
through following the bears; gardens,
countryside, photography, ponds, walks,
National Trust houses. I am sure you
would rather have them being interested
in proper, real pursuits than being cooped
up in their room with a TV and a computer
for friends,their only contacts with the world
around them via a mobile phone which helps
to teach them how never to spell and how
to successfully become introverted without
really having to try too hard!!
 So instead of games, through their computer
they LEARN there are more worlds than
their important seeming virtual world.
For bigger kids there are superb fully
downloadable photos, and the originals
can be requested and delivered via email.
There are practical, pictorial step by
step projects showing how to do various
jobs outdoors, ponds, lawns, landscapes,
gardens. Also there are computer tips,
and an amazing feature where the author
of the site, an ex systems programmer
will ressurrect cds sent to him deemed
ruined; so your holiday snaps might
well NOT be beyond repair!!
He also fixes pictures, either via email
or by scanning in posted snaps, and
returning them undamaged and much
enhanced . Pictures fade, and crack
cds survive and endure.
This superb site can be found by typing
"Stiffsteiffs" into ANY search, or by
clicking the link below now.

Now I know why people PAY for domain names!!

About the Author

Ex systems programmer. Originally Civil Engineer.Now not so civil! Live in Rubery. Age 50. Trying to get people to get out and have fun instead of intoverting obesely by the TV or playing endless computer games.

Malcolm Pugh