The Best Toys For Your Baby

The Best Toys For Your Baby

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When choosing toys for your baby you should remember that they should be both
fun and educational there are a wide range of toys to choose from that
can make your baby squeal with joy and we will discuss some of them in this

There are toys for four different stages during your babys first year
and well look at each one individually:

Newborns the choices here include hand held toys, tape players/music
boxes and unbreakable mirrors among others. Your baby will probably find her
own reflection interesting. Soft books with high-contrast, easy to see patterns
can also be quite nice for your baby. Toys that make noises when squeezed are
also available for this age range and this actually helps develop her motor
skills as she becomes aware that the noise occurs while she squeezes.

3 To 6 Months Now we see more choice. For example you
can get a play gym which is a rack with attached toys. The baby is able to bat
or swat the toys and it makes life more fun while she is still horizontal. Lightweight
rattles can also be fun for babies at this age. Soft Toys can be a great companion
for your baby but make sure they are soft and cuddly. Boardbooks and playmates
are other options.

6 To 9 Months For this age range you can start to introduce
your baby to activity boards these have moveable and spinning parts
that your baby can

interact with. This is great for hand-eye co-ordination. Balls are also an option
now light fabric ones that she can perhaps crawl after. Wooden or Soft
Blocks are fun for her to stack and play with. Some Moving Toys and Books can
also be introduced now. At six to nine months your baby will begin to become
much more active and play will become much more intense than in previous stages.
She will be picking up things and banging all sorts of objects, making noise
and generally causing a ruckus. She will pick up two toys and bang them together
just to see the sound that they make. She is becoming aware that objects are
still there even when she can no longer see or touch them. She will miss a favourite
stuffed animal if she can't see it and if you hide it from her while she is
looking she will seek it out. It also means you can begin playing hide-and-seek
games with objects.

9- 12 Months As your baby
grows, so does the sophistication of her toys. At this age she will be able
to play with push toys that will allow her to use her new found walking skills.
There are also shape sorters where she will try and match the object to the
hole. Toy telephones, buckets and spades and blocks may also be used.

Looking back at your own childhood Im sure you recall that toys were
a lot of fun. Its now time to let your own child experience the fun and
laughter that they can bring.

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