"The Different Types of Treadmills"

When we usually think of treadmills, we tend to think that
there is only one type on the market. However, this is
very far from the truth as there are a couple of different
types of treadmills.

There is, of course, the home treadmill that most are
familiar with. However, the other type of treadmill is the
commercial treadmill, which are the ones that are usually
seen in the gym.

Most exercise gurus will pursue getting home treadmill.
They range from cheap, manual treadmills up to the higher
quality ones that are designed for those with extensive
running and cross training in their workouts.

Competition in the treadmill industry is extremely high.
There are hundreds of brands and types of treadmills that
are all competing for your money.

There are folding home treadmill varieties which are great
space savers as they can fold up and be put in a closet or
under a bed. However this type of treadmill lacks an
extremely sold form that most home treadmills possess.

The other variety of treadmill is known as the commercial
treadmill. This type of treadmill is used in a gym or
other type of commercial setting such as a doctor's office.

A commercial treadmill tends to have a higher powered motor
with more horsepower than a home machine. It also has more
a bulky and rugged look to it and feels extremely stable,
which does eliminate finding folding varieties of
commercial treadmills.

Due to the intended extreme usage there is less of a
warranty, roughly 3-4 years, that is included with the
purchase of a commercial treadmill.

When a treadmill is intended to be used as one within a
commercial type of environment, then it may be only logical
for you to get a commercial treadmill.

However, there might be a few treadmills that are
categorized as home treadmills, that might be used in other
light commercial settings such as in small hotel gyms but
in this case, as in all, be sure that you go over the
warranty several times.

There are many decent options for those needing a home
treadmill. If your workout is only going to include
walking for the life of your machine then a smaller, less
expensive variety will do as more than capable.

Avid runners and exercisers are encouraged to get a higher
priced ranged home machine that will have more features and
include higher length warranties.

The only real difference in the two types of treadmills is
that of the warranty length and the type of usage.
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