Zumanity at the New York New York Hotel in Las Vegas

Zumanity He Said, She Said at New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas

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"Zumanity" is a sexual treasury of libidinous fantasies. It is all at once romantic, hot-blooded, naughty, funny, and voyeuristic. Billed as an adult show, the latest Cirque du Soleil production at New York-New York in Las Vegas, Nevada, explores human sexuality using mood, dance, acrobatics, and scenes that play out in artistically lustful couplings. From the moment one enters the theater one's sensual senses are aroused.

On the walls, deep, rich reds bleed to burgundy with patterns reminiscent of dark watermarks. A large oval window fish-eyes towards the lobby, and a beautifully dressed, provocative woman or transvestite, depending on your take, slowly rotates in a comfortable circular chair. The setting is interesting, pleasant to the eye, a mental aphrodisiac that will help prepare the audience for the extraordinary show they are about to witness.

Once inside the1,259 seat Zumanity theater the atmosphere is charged with sexual electricity. There are love seats for two, cabaret stools, and traditional seating. The ambiance is a mix of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and a European masked ball. Lighting is soft so that one can adjust to the scantily clad French maid serving the pianist a flute of champagne while an oversexed male in silks and brocade grows more and more amorous with select cast and audience members. A very voluptuous waitress climbs over theatergoers offering them tasty hors d'ouvres. There is action before the action, and if you've brought your Zumartini or a glass of champagne, you'll be all the more ready to let your hair down.

Zumanity was written and directed by Dominic Champagne and Rene Cry, two accomplished theater directors from Quebec. Explaining their vision in the program, they write, "Since the dawn of time, the joining of bodies, that thirst for each other, has always been the highest rapture, the most joyous mystery, and the greatest revolutionary force. Eroticism is a cry for ecstasy, for freedom, and we have chosen to celebrate it joyfully, naturally, with splendour and humanity. With pleasure we offer you a bead of sweat, a seductive wink, a torrid kiss, a racing pulse, a flushed face, a curious hand, and feather-soft fingertips - a love letter from us to you. May you thrill with desire, may your eyes be filled with wonder, may your hair stand on end, and may you tingle in every pore until you quiver with delight - that is what we wish for you".

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