What Is VOIP and Why Does It Matter?

One of the latest services available online is called Voice Over IP, or VoIP. Its also sometimes called internet telephony or broadband phone service.

VoIP lets users make phone calls using the Internet instead of the regular telephone network. With VoIP service, users can make calls using their computer or, by adding a special adaptor, using a regular phone. As VoIP services continue to improve, they're even being used by large companies to replace their traditional internal phone systems.

How do you use VoIP? First you need a broadband connection to the Internet. A cable or DSL connection will do just fine. Then you need a VoIP service provider. lists thousands of VoIP providers serving over 100 countries, and could be a good place to start.

You may want to simply connect a headset to your computer, or you may choose to use a telephone handset with a USB connection to your computer. You may even decide to buy an adaptor for your existing telephone, or a special VOIP phone that can provide many advanced features. However you choose to make your calls, the most significant difference between VoIP and regular telephone calls is the price. With many services, VoIP, you can call anywhere in the country for free, and even international calls may cost only a few cents per minute.

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