What Will You Accomplish When 52 Wealth Gurus Mentor You For Free?

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I recently interviewed my friend Tellman Knudson, an expert in helping people make rapid changes to overcome problems and achieve high levels of success using the latest human optimization technologies ... He's a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) expert and Certified Hypnotherapist who runs 5 clinics throughout the New England area.

Question: What is the key to rapid improvement?

According to Tellman, once you know the secrets to controlling your own brain (using such tools as NLP, relaxation techniques, and meditation) you'll be able to instantly make changes that will guide you to success.

Question: How can someone make rapid progress towards success in Internet marketing?

After Tellman expanded his practice by starting several successful websites, he became aware of some of the problems that new entrepreneurs face while trying to start their own business.

Many people have the necessary desire to become successful, but they often lack what he calls the 3 Core Factors of Success: focus, follow-through, and persistence that are required to rise above all obstacles.

He soon realized that the ultimate tool for helping millions become successful would have to take advantage of the underlying principle of NLP--the quickest way to success is to find a mentor (someone who is already successful) and model yourself after that person.

Question: How do I find a success mentor to help me?

According to Tellman, "In the past, to be able to persuade just one leading expert to act as your personal mentor could take years to make the right personal contacts."

Tellman wanted instant results, so he searched out 52 of the top experts in the world and persuaded them to act as mentors to members in his brand new program called the List Crusade.

Question: What is the List Crusade program and how does it work?

Each week for 26 weeks, List Crusade members get audio trainings from two top experts (each usually around 30 minutes long).

One audio interview lesson is always on a crucial self-help topic, everything from instant stress release to optimum brain performance and perfect physical health.

The other interview is always on Internet Wealth and shows anyone (complete beginner or experienced marketer alike) secrets of making money on the Internet by quickly building a huge opt-in subscriber list.

Question: Who are some of the experts doing the trainings?

Here are just a few:

Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy, Shawn Casey, Stephen Pierce, Robert Allen, T. Harv Eker, Dr. Robert Anthony, Joe Vitale, Jack Zufelt, Marc Goldman, and many more ...

Question: How much does it cost to get access to all the List Crusade trainings?

Even though some of the experts (such as Jay Abraham) charge $5,000 or more for just one hour of consulting, Tellman says that each mentor in the program can scholarship in members at no cost from their own subscriber list. The scholarship is also available by special invitation.

He says, "The goal of the List Crusade mentor program is to provide over one million people with the knowledge and tools to be successful on the Internet and in life ..."

In my opinion, the bottom line is: This is one resource anybody who is serious about having a better life should take advantage of--especially if you want to see remarkable and immediate results ...whether you want a bigger bank account, better relationships, peace of mind, personal satisfaction, increased self-esteem, a successful business, a new car, or your dream home.
Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and co-founder of List Crusade. We've arranged scholarships for 50 of our readers to get the entire 26 weeks of List Crusade training at no cost to them--simply visit:

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