Wedding Favors: A Memento of a Very Special Day

Some people would say what is so special with a wedding favor?
Wedding favor is a thoughtful memento for your wedding guests as
keepsake and reminder of the special day that they have
attended. This is a special way of saying "Thank you" to your
guest for being a part of your wedding celebration. A wedding
favor is a reflection of a couple's personal style. Brides of
today are so creative in expressing they gratitude to their
guest for they are continuously searching for a more distinctive
but elegant designs. Wedding favor has its own tradition and it
dates back centuries ago. Wedding favor symbolizes the
appreciation of the newly wed for their wedding guests. That is
why giving a wedding favor has been an important part of wedding
ceremonies, and has been adopted until now.

Deciding on what wedding favor to give is to think of a very
unique but elegant one, they range from traditional to dazzling.
Here are some examples of unique wedding favors:

1. A silver key shape bottle opener with a tag on it.
2. A miniature ceramic teacups
3. An acrylic heart-shaped bottle stopper
4. Frosted Glass flower-shaped candle holder
5. Personalized CD

There are lots of designs, styles and to choose from and it
depends on what kind of wedding you are planning, wedding favor
should match the concept of you wedding. You cannot give a
wedding favor like honeymoon flip flop slippers when you are
planning to have a garden wedding; have a beach wedding instead.
Of course you want a wedding favor that is elegant but not
stuffy, contemporary but not quirky, unique but not weird. You
want them just to be perfect for the occasion.

Planning a wedding can be a very overwhelming task. An
important aspect of your wedding is to show some gratitude to
your wedding guests. A unique wedding favor will add to an
experience of your guests. A wedding favor can be pretty,
practical, and unique. A wedding favor offers a truly unique way
to thank your guests. On your wedding favor you can display the
wedding date and the names of the bride and groom, and you can
also include your own personalized message to your guests. Your
special message will help you make a statement with your wedding

Every bride is searching for that special touch that will make
her special day a memorable event. A great opportunity for
brides looking to thank their guests are gifts that are special
and serves a purpose. You can choose a gift that would celebrate
your cultural heritage or gifts that would simply reflect your
personal style. Be inventive and create the mood you planned on
your wedding day. Making it unique and thoughtful can leave a
lasting impression. This would help create memorable memories
for the newlyweds and their wedding guest, say thank you with
style and elegance that would surely delight them. When choosing
the type of favor you wish to give, think of the favor as your
personal extension. Remember it will reflect you and your
spouse's personality.
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