Todays Lingerie - Just Not Women's Underwear

The modern dictionarys definition for lingerie is womens underwear or linen articles, especially garments. Today our choices of lingerie are not so limited.

Some women think of lingerie as only sexy panties, sleepwear, teddies, bustiers, or thongs. Lingerie also includes bras, comfy panties, slips, camisoles, girdles, robes, nightshirts, pajamas, nylons and more.

Womens lingerie is made of many different fabrics including cotton, nylon, satin, silk, lace, etc. We can also choose from an array of colors from pastel pink and lavender to more bold red and black.

So, with all of the choices and styles in womens lingerie, any woman can find something to fit her taste. Whether your lingerie of choice is thong underwear and teddies or cotton briefs and nightshirts, youre sure to find lingerie for women that is both comfy and flattering.

Wendy Yeager


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Wendy Yeager