The More You Know About Advertising, the Better It Works for You!

If you understand the rules in advance, you can make
financial decisions based on FACTS and use your money,
credit cards and Biz Budget, wisely! Understanding Value
and Cost can help you save money.

Learn How to Shop Around

Like shopping for anything, it's just smart to evaluate
BENEFITS before you buy advertising. Engage your brain when
you shop for good promotional prices, value and benefits.
This will enable you to pick up smart buying habits. Look
for a strong Guarantee! Comparing apples to oranges is
useless when it comes to promoting your e-business.

Remember that one day late means LATE! Are your ads fully
covered if all ads don't get sent out....for ANY reason?
That could be worth its weight IN Gold. Bad links? Dead
Deals? Computer problems? Family emergencies?

Control your advertising and promotional costs with a
budgeted ad campaign. Get HELP designing an ad campaign
that fits your wallet! Remember: Knowledge is Power!

Money, business, life and happiness ALL make up the promise
you make to yourself. You must develop a healthy perspective
on HOW all these things relate to each other.

It's been said that GRACE can be described in more than one

1. A delicate etiquette class by Miss Manners herself!

2. Don't forget the time you spend praying for the money to
operate your internet business.

3. Last but not least....remember the amount of time you
have before you make a credit card payment for your
e-business bills. That's your Grace Period!

All advertising is NOT created equal. Do your best to shop
where your best interest, is always in the advertiser's
mind. A well balanced, comprehensive promotional effort,
can help you shop wisely and stretch those dollars!

About the Author

Marion Stearns was the first to initiate High Quality, High
Value Ezine Advertising many years ago. If you're confused
about value and cost, stop by and see how she can help you:

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Marion B Staerns