How Doing Yoga For Golf On The Ball Can Quickly Improve Women Golfers Balance And Stability

Are you getting tighter by the day? Do you feel like your swing is out of balance and not very stable? Doing yoga with a ball will help.

Improving flexibility is a well-known thought for most golfers, including women golfers. But why are women golfers hesitant to stretch regularly? Could it be that itís boring?

There is a growing population of female golfers who are taking up yoga. Yoga is a great resource for not only improving your flexibility Ė but strengthening your core and improving your balance for a more stable golf swing.

Thatís why adding some interest by incorporating a stability ball in the routine might increase your interest in doing yoga.

Using a stability ball in a yoga routine can add some visual interest as well as challenge. The stability ball by itself works the core and stabilizing muscles of the entire body. Add some yoga exercises and youíve got a great workout that will dramatically improve your golf game.

GOLF TIP: The Simple Exercise That Helps You Relieve Back Pain -- and stress on your hips when you play.

This exercise targets the muscle groups in your hamstrings, glutes and hips. Theses are key muscles to strengthen to not only reduce back pain, but improve golf posture and stability in your swing. Here's the exercise that will solve that problem:

I call it the "Bridge On The Ball" It requires the use of a stability ball. Sit on the ball and roll out until only your head and upper back are on the ball. Now raise your hips up until they are parallel with the ground. Hold this position for up to 60 seconds and repeat 3 times. That's all there is to it! Do this exercise everyday and you will notice a marked improvement in lower back pain and stability in your golf swing.

Consider this: It's proven that tension in the golf swing is a killer. Really pay attention to how you feel on the course. Standing over a shot that you donít feel comfortable with. Thatís a common scenario in golf. The result is undo tension - causing mishits and higher scores.

Being able to trust your body during every shot will greatly reduce the amount of tension your produce in your swing give you the best chance at solid-ball contact and greater distance and accuracy.
About the author:

Mike Pedersen is a certified golf fitness expert and founder of the webs only online golf performance program for women at

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