Are You an Email Junkie?

Are You an Email Junkie?

(c)2003 by Ann Rusnak

Do you check your email first thing in the morning before doing anything else and make your cup of coffee while it's

It is the last thing you do before going to bed?

Do you check you email at least a thousand times during the day?

When you hear the words, "You Got Mail" does your heart flutter and your adrenaline gets going?

Do you sign-up for every ezine, report, mini-course but rarely read them?

If you don't check your email for one day does it send you into a panic?

Is some of your email growing mold because it's been in your inbox too long?

Okay let's face is addicting...boy does it pile up

You started out innocently, saving a couple of emails, signing up for a few things. Next thing you know... if all that email in your inbox was in paper format, there is probably enough
to stack up and climb to the moon.

Email is both and blessing and a curse. During our monthly support calls for "Too Busy To Get Anything Done", the number one question is "How do deal with email effectively?"

Here are 5 tips to help to you gain control over your inbox.

1. Don't have your email open all day. Close it. You won't be tempted to stop what you are doing when you hear those 3 words, "You Got Mail."

2. Set aside designated time slots to open and answer email. I usually reserve 2 hours but I break it up during the day into 4 half hour segments. Some days I need the full 2 hours,other days I don't. I'll use that extra time to clean out folders.

3. Speaking of folders - Create individual ones for your ezines, mini courses etc. Configure the filters so these items will automatically download into their folder. Your urgent
message are more noticeable since they aren't mixed in with the your subscriptions.

4. Create a folder and name it "Answer" or Take Care Today" or whatever works for you. This is for email that needs your attention but not immediately but don't have the time to take action upon arrival. Move it to that folder. When you return to email box, you don't have to wade through a ton of email to find it.

5. Use a spam filter like Mailwasher, that gives you control over which email to receive. This software lets you preview the messages while they are still on the server. It also marks
potential spam and blacklisted email. Just by looking at email addresses you can determine friend or foe and delete
from the server without ever downloading it.

I discovered this was a great way to preview friendly mail before downloading it. Many times I was able to obtain the information needed without downloading and opening it in
my email box. This is has been a big time saver and helps keep the email down in the inbox.

These are just a few of the tips and techniques that have been shared on those calls. What strategies work for you?
Why not share them. I'll print them in a future issue giving credit where credit is due.

Good news is that there is hope in becoming a reformed junkie...start out by making your coffee first before checking your email. Make the toast while it's downloading, that way
you can have breakfast while your reading.

About the Author

About The Author
Ann Rusnak, "The 15 Minute Coach" is author of "Too Busy To Get Anything Done" the #1 Time Leveraging System for busy entrepreneurs. To learn more about her book and sign up for more Fr-ee tips like these, visit her site at:

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