How Much Do You Use Email Marketing?

Affiliates in affiliate programs have a vast array of affiliate marketing tools to use. It can be difficult knowing which ones work and which ones do not.

Clearly traditional banners do not work too well. On the other hand, clever email marketing is one of the BEST affiliate marketing tools.

Most affiliates ensure they have a number of links on their web site promoting each affiliate program they belong to. However, not so many use email marketing on a regular basis.

Here are 3 email marketing methods you should be using each week to promote your affiliate programs:

1. Using Ezine Ads in Your Own Newsletter

You may have been a subscriber of an ezine that sends out ‘special mailings’ in between sending you their regular
newsletter. I personally never even look at the ‘special mailings’ because I KNOW they are ads.

However, I have been known to click on a link in an ezine ad that is part of the newsletter. This is a great way to use your newsletter to promote your affiliate programs. You can do this
by designing an ezine ad for one of your affiliate programs with a clickable link in the ezine ad that has your unique affiliate code. Put this ezine ad in your regular newsletter.
I bet some of your subscribers click on it!

2. Set up a Free Email Course

Run a free email course and have links at the bottom of each email leading to a different affiliate program.

For example, if you offered a 7-day email course on 7 fabulous new ways to lose weight, then you could provide links to 7 different weight loss ebooks. In each email would be a link to a different ebook. Of course each link would have your unique affiliate code. You can find hundreds of ebooks to re-sell at popular affiliate directories such as or

3. Offer Articles by Autoresponder

Autoresponders are a great automatic email marketing method. You can offer each of your articles by autoresponder to your visitors and/or subscribers.

Better still, if your affiliate program owner offers their own articles then set these up in different autoresponders with your unique affiliate code in the link in the resource box at the end of the article.

For example, the resource box at the bottom of this article has a clickable link. As an affiliate of this affiliate program you could change this link to have your unique affiliate code instead.

Email marketing is an essential marketing tool for affiliates. Use it in these 3 ways and you will see higher commission checks each month!

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