It's Free, It's Powerful, It's In Your Email

The most popular use of the Internet is that of sending
emails. According to a recent report by the U.S. Department
of Commerce approximately 79.9 percent of Internet users
send emails.

This business of sending emails offers us one of the most
powerful and free advertising resources we all have access
to, yet it's one that is most often over looked. I'm
talking about the "sig file", also called e-sigs or

Sending emails for online marketers can be likened to
writing a traditional business letter, which when completed
bears a signature. It stands to reason that an effective
sig file should be a key part of your online marketing

Your objective for using a sig file is to get your prospect
to your website. Sig files can be used at the end of e-mail
messages, newsgroup postings, and other postings, as tiny
but powerful classified ad, entice the prospect to click on
the hotlink to your website.

To be effective, your sig file should persuade its readers
to go to your website now. It should be short and sweet,
simple, direct and to the point, but emphasizing the
Benefits to the reader and their need to "act" quickly. You
need to GRAB the readers attention and spark curiosity.

Lets look at what must be included in your email signature:

* A clear description of the benefits of your business
to your prospects

* Curiosity

* A hotlink to your website

* A call-to-action by your prospect

For the most effective use of your signature, you'll need
to customize to where it's being used. For example, most
email programs will allow a sig file of up to 7 lines, and
up to 65 characters per line. Caution - while posting to
newsgroups, moderated lists, or discussion boards, using a
sig file of more than 4 or 5 lines may be considered
annoying. Long sig files in newsgroup postings may be
considered poor etiquette.

Your email signature gives the reader a word picture of you
and the Benefits you are offering to the.

Lets take a look at some examples of sig files:


Jane Doe

Discover the Power of Financial Leverage, becoming Debt
Free and Retiring Quickly! Get the facts now!


Jane Doe

Need CASH Flow? There Is A FREE Lunch! Visit our site for a
Free report Revealing How To Get It...Now! or


Jane Doe

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this year investing less than $60 a month. For FREE report


Jane Doe

Plunge Tax Savings Into Retirement Fund...And Retire Secure
And Quickly! Get started Now by visiting

The author's bio at the bottom of an article are also
excellent sig files. These should always have a 'box'
around them, which separates the bio from the article and
allows it to stand out. Here are a few examples:

= Author John Doe, works from where he home schools =
= his four kids. To Learn how YOU CAN EARN a solid =
= Income working from home subscribe now to The Work =
= From Home Digest by CLICKING Here: =
= where You will receive FREE Daily Training. =


Article written by John Doe, Marketing Consultant.

For FREE article, tips and reports on Marketing visit


Keep it simple, clear and direct. Remember, your sig file
is not about you, it's about your prospects. Show them
whats in it for them. In reading your email your prospects
is just One click away from visiting your website. Do not
miss the power of you sig file in getting them to your
website to discover the benefits of your offer to them.

A good sig file does not happen all at once. Try it, play
with it and by all means test it. In short order you will
be boasting a Killer e-sig.


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