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It is no secret that email publishing is becoming more and more difficult every day. With all of the new SPAM legislation, filtering systems, and mailbox competition, an ezine publisher has less than a 50% chance of getting their information to the desktops of readers. That is not a very good return for all of the work invovled in bringing that publication into being.
This is why the introduction of RSS technology, blogging, and channel feed publishing has become a hot topic. Publishers using this technology, no longer have to concern themselves with filter busting, over crowded inboxes, or the issue of SPAM. Channel publishing is a method of bringing information to the desktops of readers, directly. It is a non-emails based communication avenue, by which publishers can be read, and subscribers have 100% control over their subscriptions.
Channel publishing also offers the benefit of article syndication, which as we all know, is how print writers make their money, syndicating their articles to newspapers and magazines.
A select group of ezine publishers, who have moved their distribution system over to the channel publishing system at, have taken channel publishing and the syndication of those channels to a new level.
Presenting the marriage of channel syndication and advertising! They have dedicated a syndicated channel to the publishing of advertisements, written in an informational article format, to offer marketers the opportunity to share their information with the world, without the hassles of email, or the restrictions of the typical five line ad.
Advertisements written as articles, provide the reader with more information, and provide search engine spiders something to feed upon. Both are great benefits to the advertiser, but it gets even better.
With syndicated channel publishing, advertisements, become a permanent presence on the web. Once published, it remains available to the public permanently.It can be bookmarked for future reference, by the reader. It is searchable, able to be picked up by search engines, targeting the traffic it receives.
The fact that these advertisements are syndicated gives them unlimited exposure and power. Advertisers have their headlines on web sites all over the Internet.
Channel advertising is the solution to email marketing that everyone has been waiting for.
Introducing Ads-On-Q Your Source for Syndicated Advertising!

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Trina L.C. Schiller is the proprietor and publisher of TLC Promotions and The Trii-Zine Ezine. Trina is a Founding Publisher of, also member of the National Register's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals and CEO of the new Ads-On-Q Syndicated Advertising Company. A professional network marketer, and home business consultant, her mission is to help others achieve their financial goals, while improving their quality of life.

Trina L.C. Schiller