Traffic… Sales… and Headachy Emails

Not since the phrase "Go West Young Man!" has there
been as much promise of wealth and riches for anyone brave
enough to explore this new frontier, the Internet. With this
new wave of technology anyone can open up a virtual store
and sell their products and services around the clock with
the entire world as their potential clientele. The Internet
is everyone's dream come true!

There's only one problem. No one told you about the
endless, sleepless nights of designing and redesigning your
website, the volume of hours you'll spend reconfiguring cgi
scripts, fixing forms, researching how to get found in search
engines, trying everything to generate traffic, and testing,
testing, testing.

If your Online business has become a hobby for you,
then this can all be an exciting adventure, and a tremendous
learning and growth experience. However, many people grasped
onto the hope of financial freedom with such conviction,
that they either left their jobs and/or invested the family
security in their commitment to their Online Venture.

These people are depending on success, they're learning
on the fly, and by now it's taking it's toll on many of them.
Pressured to succeed, these ambitious hopefuls spend long
days and nights at the computer, skipping meals and getting
no exercise. Typically, this small business is under staffed
and working on a "shoe-string" budget. The loss of a key
customer can be devastating. Add this to the frustration
of an enormous investment of time and energy with often negligible
results, and the uncertainty of success and you have yourself
a very serious case of STRESS.

Stress, by itself, is not a disease; however those
who suffer from stress over extended periods of time can
aggravate numerous health conditions such as asthma, allergies,
arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, and many more. High stress levels
can also be the root of a weight management problem. Unregulated
and poor quality meals combined with a lack of proper exercise
is in itself a major contributor to a weight problem. Now,
add high levels of business stress and you are looking at
a potential for obesity.

In the interest of optimum health and business success,
it is essential for the Web based entrepreneur to find ways
to manage their stress and anxiety. Physical activity can
be a terrific stress reliever. So I encourage you to walk,
run, and/or make a commitment with a friend to engage in
a game of tennis at least 3 to 4 times every week. Aside
from the health benefits, a change in environment is often
beneficial to gain fresh perspective.

In dealing with stress, it is also important that
you eliminate any "old baggage" you may be carrying around.
Bad relationships, past abuse, childhood or teenage traumas,
or even something you did that you've felt guilty about ever
since. Think carefully about your past. If there is anything
there that causes you discomfort or painful memories, you
will feel a
tremendous weight off your shoulders by dealing with those

Meditation, massage therapy, progressive relaxation, channeling,
guided imagery, biofeedback, reiki, yoga, and qigong are
approaches helpful in overcoming stress. In fact meditation
is so effective in reducing stress and tension that, in 1984,
the National Institutes of Health recommended meditation
over prescription drugs as the first treatment for mild hypertension.(1)
Certain herbs have been known to help reduce anxiety and
help you to relax. Changes in diet can also be helpful as
can Chinese techniques like acupuncture and acupressure.

I suggest that your try several of these suggestions and
settle on a combination of 3 or 4 that seem to be the most
effective for you. Remember to always consult your health
care provider before drastically changing your activity level
or eating habits.

Have yourself a stress free, successful business venture.

About the Author

Brigitte Synesael editor of Your Life-Your Choice.
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