11 Ways to Get a Free Xbox 360

Millions of gamers are looking forward to the launch of Microsoft's brand new Xbox 360 this holiday season, and many of those have already begun
scraping some $399 together for the hyped Premium Edition (the basic 'core' system is $299).

But why actually spend money on it? It's just as easy to get one for free... Really! Our team from freebie news blog has searched the web and presents you 8 ways to
get your new Xbox 360 for free.

Referral-based sites: All those ask you to do is sign up, complete one trial offer (such as AOL.Net, Blockbuster Video, eBay) and refer a number of
friends who themselves complete one offer each.

TOP PICK: Transcedent Innovations'
This is our pick! you can choose from a cool selection of 5 Xbox packages: just the system, or go for some games and controllers as well!
This site is even open to US and Canadian residents! You can also choose whether you want to refer 8 people to get your free Xbox 360
or whether you prefer to do all offers yourself! Plus, they have a really good customer support!
FreePay is a very successful freebie network and and has been around for about 14 months. You will need 8 referrals for your
free Xbox 360. This one's definitely worth checking out!

GiftFiesta is famous for their good and reliable customer support and fast response times! A very good address to get your free 360 from...

OfferCentric is one of the Big 3 incentive companies, and even lets you choose a gift,
either the Xbox Premium Edition or $350 PayPal (to US and Canada).

Shamel Networks'
Another referral site from freebie start-up Shamel Networks that requires 8 referrals and is known for their good customer support.

Sweepstake sites:

Pepsi Co.'s
A great sweepstake from Pepsi Co./MountainDew that gives away a free Xbox 360 package every 10 minutes between August 29th
and October 31st, thus shipping out 9,222 free 360s.

Offer-based sites: Those require you to complete a number of trial offers as mentioned above, however you don't need to find referrals to complete the sites.
A very professional-looking point-based freebie site that rewards you with points for completing some of their more than 100 offers - and lets you
redeem those points for a free 360! is an incentive site that has run some big promotions for their Free 360 site. You have to complete 8 trial offers yourself that you can choose from a list of about 60 or so and fill out a survey.

If you're interested in getting to know even more ways to get a free Xbox 360, check out our article
11 Ways to Get Your Xbox 360 For Free.

Well, now you know what it takes to get your free Xbox 360, and come November you will finally be able to
"ascend to the next level of gaming and home entertainment"...

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