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There are many tips and tricks when it comes to the popular Xbox game Halo 2. You can easily get the upper hand on your friends when playing the game if you know how to utilize these handy tricks, as well as make it through the levels much easier. The most obvious tip is to practice all of the time. If you are by yourself, just go through the multiplayer maps just to get a feel where everything is located. That way, you will know where all of the good weapons and hiding places are when you are competing against your friends.

It is also a good idea to stay on high ground. This makes it much easier to spot someone and jump on them unsuspectingly and easily take them out. Surprise attacks are a very good way to get an easy kill. You also have to remember not to rule out the use of grenades. Often people will forget that they possess these great little balls of destruction.

There are several skulls available to you in Halo 2 that allow for special modes in the game play. The following is a walkthrough of how to get the Blind Mode skull:

At the beginning of Outskirts, jump on top of the light above the door with a crouch jump, then jump to the left platform. If you turn to your left and go down the long dark corridor, there should be a skull, pick it up. It will say blind and your screen should flash black for a while. You will not be able to see your weapon, body, shields, ammo or radar in this mode. To get rid of it, turn off your Xbox or save and quit. Go to Campaign and select level and choose Cairo Station. Skip the cinematics then save and quit. Go to Outskirt and everything should be back.

There will be more tips and walkthroughs for the skulls in articles to come. Or you can find many more good tips and hints at

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